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DOA5U Patch updates incoming

Discussion in 'News' started by Mr. Wah, Jan 12, 2014.

  • by Mr. Wah, Jan 12, 2014 at 9:02 AM
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    Posting from the just now complete Official Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Tournament, Hayashi announced that at the end of January there will be a patch to the Arcade version of the game. In February, the consoles will receive said arcade patch sans Marie Rose. Marie Rose will be available on console some time in the spring.
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Discussion in 'News' started by Mr. Wah, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Codemaster92163
    Nice job at the tournament, by the way. The matches were fun to watch.
  2. Xernuht
    Finally, an actual guesstimation date for Marie Rose!
  3. SilverForte
    Good to know, hopefully the patch will be good.
  4. werewolfgold
    Somebody's gonna find something to complain about. Might as well prepare yourself now...
  5. UpSideDownGRUNT
    I really hope they #BuffEin *fingerscrossed*
  6. Kronin
    Great news! ;)

    EDIT: The user Airgear posted some more info on DOAWORLD:

    "Just finished watching the Japan DOA5U Official Tournament.
    Hayashi announced some new info at the end of the tournament:

    1) Version 1.04 update coming to Arcade version at the end of January.

    2) More costumes will be added to Arcade, including new costume for Marie Rose.
    3) The same 1.04 update (not including Marie Rose) will come to console in the first half of February.
    4) This update for console includes bug fix and feature enhancement.
    5) Marie Rose will only be released to console in Spring 2014 (no fix date yet).
    6) Core Fighters downloads have reached 800,000 times."

    For me it's pretty interesting to read that the console update will include feature enhancement... maybe some pretty element of the Arcade like the characters HUD, the attract mode or the displaying of the customization during the selection, could be able to reach also the consoles :)

    EDIT2: @Cadaveri had already posted Airgear info, I didn't notice it.
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  7. Nameless Sama
    The Patch should try to make the netcode better but great news that for sure.
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  8. Nereus
    I assume feature enhancement means that we'll be able to slow-escape block stun on block.. because you can do that in the Arcade Version. And i hope they buff the netcode.
  9. Ivan Osorio
    I'm fine with the wait, specially if we get more quality (casual collection style and legacy pack style) costumes while we wait. It's good to know that the game still has some time in it and will be supported for yet a while.

    Also very much looking forward to see what they will do in terms of feature enhancements... Wonder if there will be any balancing going on.
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  10. Kronin
    I agree: for what we know the patch including Marie Rose could be also the last one, so if after the February patch will be still possible to make some changes or adjustmenets in the planned Spring's one, I don't see it like a bad thing.
  11. Russian-chiropractic19
    Crossing my fingers for back roll fixes
  12. Codemaster92163
    I just hope it's actually a balance patch and not an unbalanced patch. Would really hate to see already great characters get buffs while sucky ones get the shaft *looks at Eliot*

    And, of course, a tweak to their netcode or servers.
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  13. SweetRevenge117
    Hopefully Genfu gets buffs :p
  14. deathofaninja
    If they are going to do anything with Ein, I hope they fix his inputs at the very fucking least. It shouldn't be so frustrating for Ein players.
  15. ShinMaruku
    Give me ps4 DOA5U+ [​IMG]
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  16. DR2K
    Buffed up to alpha weight class stat.

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